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Divine Inc.

Welcome to Divine Inc - Elevate Your Moments, Ignite Your Well-Being! Explore Now 


Home of Divine Harmony Healing, Reiki Practice and Divine Events with the evolutionary 360 Photo Booth

Healing Stones


Greetings from Divine Inc, the culmination of my personal journey into the realms of capturing unforgettable moments and channeling positive energy. I am thrilled to welcome you to a unique space that houses the artistry of 360 photo booths, the tranquility of Reiki healing, and a curated Reiki shop. As I evolve, I am excited to soon introduce Divine Drones, taking aerial cinematography to new heights. And the very soon to be launched Divine Harmony Healing product range.

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Divine Harmony Healing - Reiki and Holistic Practise
Divine Events - 360 Photo Booth Hire


For easy navigation, Click the links to dive into the transformative world of holistic well-being or elevate your events with my unique photo booth experience.

  • Divine Harmony Healing - Reiki Practice

  • Divine Events - 360 Photo Booths


Your journey to joy begins here - choose your destination and let the exploration unfold!

Balancing Rocks


Divine Inc proudly stands as a realm of dual purpose. Firstly, to enrich holistic well-being by channeling the profound universal energy of Reiki, bringing joy, healing, and magic into every facet of life through Divine Harmony Healing.


Simultaneously, my mission is to redefine special occasions with creative brilliance through Divine Events, offering unique 360 Photo Booth experiences.

Embarking on this journey, Divine Harmony Healing nurtures holistic balance, while Divine Events transforms celebrations into unforgettable moments.


With the Divine Harmony Healing products, I am to bring beautiful, interesting products that are ideal for gifts or to spoil yourself and also to assist you with your healing Journey. The products will be launching soon, so watch this space for the exciting reveal, I cannot wait to share with it with you.

Join me in the pursuit of holistic bliss and the celebration of life's beauty at Divine Inc, where well-being and creative joy unfold harmoniously.



At Divine Inc, the vision is to be the radiant heart of well-being and celebration. Through Divine Harmony Healing, I aspire to enrich lives by tapping into the transformative energy of Reiki, fostering balance, joy, and healing.


With Divine Events, I aim to infuse creativity into every celebration, crafting unforgettable moments through my unique 360 Photo Booth experiences.


My vision for my company is a world where well-being and joy coexist harmoniously, creating a tapestry of extraordinary moments that nurture and inspire every soul I touch. 

Be it for your Reiki and healing needs or for your event.

Welcome to Divine Inc, where every moment is crafted with love and intention, and the pursuit of holistic bliss and creative joy is my guiding light.

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Testimonial - Card Reading 

I had a reading with Nicole for the very first time, she came highly recommended 👌 so, I would like to commend her on her accuracy... we started from the beginning, my childhood my growing up as well as being a teenager, to my present, and future journey going forward... I have never met Nicole, and could resonate with absolutely everything she said.... I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for guidance, advice on all aspects, of your past, love, career and the journey forward.... thank you, Nicole... will certainly spread the word ❤️ 💙

You come highly recommended 👌 

From L.L 

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Testimonial - Reiki Healing Session

I have had Reiki treatments with Nicole and cannot fault her abilities and/ or treatment in any way.


She accurately pinpointed the physical issues I was experiencing at the time and I felt so much better and relaxed afterwards.


If you are looking to find a good Reiki healer, you need not look further than Nicole💜💜💜

- Jennifer

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Testimonial - Reiki Healing Session

Amazing Reiki session. Nicole has the gift of making you feel so cared for. Her attention to detail, from set up to aroma used during the session is something I have never experienced.  


Healing hands, professional and insightful. An experience I would highly recommend.

- Ryan 

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